Object of Memory: Pringles Can

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Die Geschichte veröffentlichen wir in der englischen Originalfassung.
My task is to write about an object which is, for some reason, means a lot to me and which is in connection with some kind of migration. It is very hard for me to write this home assignment, because my family did not migrate to another country, neither during, nor before my life. So, the only thing that can fulfill the criterion of this essay is writing about going abroad to study.
During my elementary school and secondary school years, I have participated in some (obviously not long) “study abroad” programs. And of course I have many memories and souvenirs in connection with those trips, but after all, I can not write here about souvenirs. So I decided to concentrate on the ‘migration’ process itself, more specifically the journey between home and destination and vice versa.

The particularity in the ‘migration process’ was that we always travelled by bus. It was quite a big thing for my elementary school–self, exciting, but also tiresome and uncomfortable even when the destination country was Italy, let alone when it was England or Scotland.
These long journeys by bus had some kind of a ritual. Travelling for 4 hours, then stop at a petrol station for half an hour. Then again, 4 hour long travel and thirty minutes of fresh air, and so on…
So my object, or more correctly objects are connected to getting through these long hours spent on the bus. These are Pringles cans which could be bought in every patrol station at every stop.
During several journeys, I have collected quite a few of them. I brought all of them home, and when I look at them, they work as well as any souvenir. The only difference is that they make me remember not the place where I were but the journey that I made. (Anonym)

Object of Memory: Pringles Can
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