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As a Chinese student who is studying abroad I have many things that I brought with me from China, but out of them chopsticks are actually the most important to me. Not because I am more used to eating with chopsticks or how much a symbol it is, is because how many things it has teaches me.
Chopsticks were created roughly 4,000-5,000 years ago in China, due to the way ancient Chinese cooked, they’re perfect for reaching into pots full of hot water or oil. So, no doubt the first tableware I start to use in my life is chopsticks, and as I remembered I went through a lot difficulties to finally learned how to use it in the right way. Because of their way of using and shape you can’t eat really fast with chopsticks, and in China we normally don’t put dishes separately into everyone’s bowls or plate, we put dishes in one big plate and everybody take from it.

So, sometimes when a big family is have a big dinner, it can looks like a quite beautiful dance, everyone is using chopsticks very carefully not to disturb other and the same time getting food quickly to their own bowl, in case to drop food on the table. And of cause with this way of dinning, we developed a different table manners, like no waving chopsticks on the table, no licking the chopsticks, no stab the food with chopsticks, no digging around in the food with chopsticks and etc. But with all the rules I had learned with chopsticks I also learned how to treat things in my life, to be patient, determined and not letting my own desire control over me. And the shape of the Chinese chopsticks is actually representing how we think about this world. The standard shape of Chinese chopsticks is the head of the chopsticks should be round, and the tail should be square As how we think the world is. There is an old saying in China “天圆地方“ means the dome-like heaven embraces the vast earth. And we project this idea in to chopsticks, also added a new idea, as we think the sky is round representing dynamic, and the square earth representing static, and a human being should be dynamic also static, only with both together we can find the harmony with in ourselves. So that’s why I think they are the most important things I should have with me, even not for eating, but to remind me how to be a person in this world, and how to balance my life also seeking the harmony within me. (Ma siyuan)

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