Eine schäbige Handyhülle

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Die Geschichte veröffentlichen wir in der englischen Originalfassung.
Shabby little phone case – I am infinitely lucky. I carry in my mind the traces of so many cultures, my heart has been touched by people of numerous countries and backgrounds and my feet have trod on the soil of a great portion of this world. And in my pocket I carry with me evidence of my worldly adventures, a material belonging representing the immeasurable, unfathomable blessing of a life full of adventure, struggle and love – say what you will about the aesthetic of this shabby little phone case but its story is one I feel is worth sharing:

It begins in China… The case itself was ordered from TaoBao – the Chinese version of Amazon – while I was living in Changchun in northern China. It came to my office in the mail to hold my brand new very first smart phone. The first sticker to find itself as embellishment on the otherwise drab faux-leather case was one I dug out of my archives of Very Special Things – a band sticker for my best friends’ kickass surf-rock group Psychomagic in Portland, Oregon, the last city I had lived before moving across the world.

When I left my job and life up there in the cold north east and headed south the phone of course came with me. It lasted until Thailand and then the poor thing drowned in the beautiful clear blue water of Koh Tao. The ferry I took to and from that paradise provided stickers as tickets and I placed them inside the case of my late phone as a kind of memorial. The device itself was recycled and I bought a cheap replacement which I used for the remainder of my journey while the legendary item stayed in stasis in the depths of my backpack.

The second appearance of this artifact took place in the USA, my home country where I visited my family and invested in a new phone – the same one as before because yes, it is a nice phone but also because the case was already significant to me. While there I had the pleasure of seeing Psychomagic live and reuniting, however briefly, with my friends.

This trip ‘home’ was short-lived as I moved within a month to again the opposite side of the world – this time Belgium. Here I met a troupe of truly remarkable French wonder-people who introduced me to a DJ called Bon Entendeur. We loved him, listened to his mixes at every opportunity (mostly while sharing brunches together) and eventually seized the chance to travel to Paris to see him play live. That weekend was among the very best of my life and I again memorialized it with a sticker, BE for Bon Entendeur and also, happily, for Belgium.

And so this silly phone case has become a representation of so much more than protection for a device – it is a bridge between three continents, countless countries and three years of a sole human being’s life, intersected and enriched by those of others. (Anonymus)

Eine schäbige Handyhülle
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