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  • Használat ideje: in der Gegenwart

Die Geschichte veröffentlichen wir in der englischen Originalfassung.
Throughout my life, being 19 years old, I have migrated to many different countries in the world. My mother is Hungarian and my father is Sudanese, and I was born in Hungary. I started migrating to different countries with my family when I was 5 years old. Before I left, my grandfather, from my mother’s family branch, gave me a wooden statue that was carved from a peach tree, and has been passed down for many generations. The statue is of a man traveling only in a cloak, being cold, as he is shivering, and looking around. My grandfather told me that this is a very special gift that he is giving me and that it is very valuable to our family as whoever possessed this object has travelled to many places and has kept them safe, no matter what the conditions are. He stated that his father was travelling with it during the First World War in various different countries.

Furthermore, he also said that he was also travelling with it, but during the Second World War. While both my great grandfather and grandfather possessed this statue during their migrations through the First and Second World Wars, it has kept them and their loved ones safe from any harm, even when conditions were harsh. I was astonished when I heard the stories my grandfather told me and took extreme care of the wooden statue as I was also migrating to different countries. Firstly, I migrated to America, to California and as well as to Nevada. After living there for around 8 years, we moved to Dubai for 4 years, and then back to America, and then back to Hungary. As I was migrating through these countries, I have always kept the wooden statue with me, and as my grandfather told me, it has kept me safe through my travels, even during more difficult times. This wooden statue means a lot to me and my family, and when I have children of my own, I will pass it down to them and hope that it brings them fortune during their migrations as well. (RHE)

Kleine rote LackschuheNachricht aus der Monarchie

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